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ENT Specialty - Snoring & Sleep Apnea


Sleep Apnea Evaluation & Surgical Management


Snoreplasty Somnoplasty Turbinates

Somnoplasty Procedure

The Somnoplasty SM procedure is a minimally-invasive treatment that is performed in a approximately 30 minutes in the office. This procedure is safe, effective, and less painful than other surgical treatments. Best of all, most patients return to their normal activities almost immediately after the procedure and typically experience results in three to six weeks for nasal obstruction and improvement in less than eight weeks for habitual snoring.

You are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from habitual snoring and chronic nasal obstruction. Most continue to live with this condition and its symptoms without any real relief. The symptoms can be very serious, including sleeplessness, fatigue and headaches. Additionally, snoring can adversely affect your lifestyle and lead to sleepless nights for bed partners. So, haven’t you suffered from snoring and a stuffy nose long enough?

If you would like to learn more about the procedure, please call our office at 813-972-3353 to schedule an appointment for a consultation. In most cases the procedure for correcting nasal obstruction is covered by most health plans, however, for habitual snoring it is usually not a covered benefit.


>> Click here to learn more about Snoreplasty non-surgical treatment



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