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For Allergy Patients

Please click on the links below to download patient forms or to obtain allergy information:

Allergy Frequency and Severity Questionnaire
Advance Beneficiary Notice
Allergy Testing and Treatment Costs
Instructions for Skin Testing - Adult
Instructions for Skin Testing - Pediatric
Pre-Allergy Injection Evaluation
Allergy Shot Survey

General Information about Allergies and Sublingual Therapy
Patient Instruction for Sublingual Drops
Sublingual Allergy Drop Dosing Schedule

General Information about Allergies and Injections

Shots at Other Facility Information Sheet

Self Administration of Maintenance Shots at Home

Anaphylaxis Diagnosis
Food-Inhalant Cross Reactivity
Biologic Classification of Plants
Mold General Information
Perennial Allergies
Seasonal Allergies
Photo Gallery of Allergens

Food Allergy General Information
How to Perform Food Challenge
Caveman Diet
Rotary Diversified Diet
Egg Allergies
Corn Allergies
Milk Allergies
Soybean Allergies
Wheat Allergies
Yeast Allergies

Adverse Reaction to Shot Protocol:

  1. Please report any non-urgent delayed reactions when you come to the office for your next allergy injection. You should call only if your symptoms are severe and you would like to talk to the doctor. There is always a physician on call.
  2. For minor reactions such as congestion, skin rash, and/or itching take Benadryl or any other antihistamine. Take two antihistamines at one time. Take any of your other allergy medications such as Singulair, Decongestants, or Nasal Steroid Spray.
  3. For severe reactions such as throat closing, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath use your epinephrine autoinjector, take Benadryl, call 911 or go to the Emergency Room.

Hours for Allergy Shots:

Fletcher Office:

Monday: 9AM to 12PM; 1:30PM to 5PM
Wednesday: 9AM to 12PM
Thursday: 1:30PM to 5PM
Friday: 8:30AM to 12PM; 1:30PM to 5PM

Wesley Chapel Office:

Wednesday: 1:30PM to 6PM
Thursday: 9AM to 11:30PM

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